Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Days: Teenage girl pulled from rubble of college in Port Au Prince

French rescuers have pulled a teenage girl out of the rubble of the destroyed College St. Gerard in Port-au-Prince, a stunning recovery 15 days after an earthquake devastated the city.

The last previous rescue of someone trapped by the quake occurred Saturday, when a man was extricated from the ruins of a hotel grocery store.

A cousin says Darlene Etienne had just started studying at the school when the disaster struck. The cousin says, "We thought she was dead."

The French rescuers rushed her to a field hospital.

On Tuesday, Haitians pulled a man from the rubble of a downtown store. He later said he had been trapped since one of the quake's early aftershocks.

In the capital, street vendors openly sell U.S.-donated rice by the cupful from bags marked "not for resale." At a homeless camp, a young woman told of thieves who tried to sell her own food back to her.

As she spoke, a gang of youths pushed into a line of people waiting for water Wednesday, shoving an elderly woman, who screamed and swung her bucket at their heads.

Such scenes and worse are common among crowds of Haitians lining up for rice, beans or ready-to-eat meals, forcing U.N. peacekeepers to fire pepper spray and Haitian police to swing sticks to restore control.

Whether locked up in warehouses or stolen by thugs from people's hands, food from the world's aid agencies still isn't getting to enough hungry Haitians, leaving the strongest and fittest with the most.
"Deterioration leads to desperation which leads to Darwinism". Yet among the chaos, miracles still happen. How many others still live in the rubble as the search efforts are ended?

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