Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mayans Looking Towards 2012>>>

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written by a friend

We are at the beginning of the ending of a period of the Sun which lasts 5200 years, culminating with some hours of darkness. After these days of darkness, a new (the sixth) period of the Sun will appear.

In each period of the Sun, the planet adjusts, causing changes to the climate, social and political changes. The world and life both transform and we enter a period of understanding, of living together in harmony, and of social justice and equality for all, there is a new way of living.

When there is a new social order, there is a new kind of freedom, a time when we will walk like the clouds, without limits and without borders, we will travel like the birds, with no need for passports, we will flow like the rivers, all toward the same place, the same goal.

Please don't let the propaganda fool you and the "end of the world" jargon mislead. Fear drives their intent. I can't wait. Be well


Ellington Duke said...

so tru....folks are so scared and wrong. America is for flesh eaters

WendyDay said...

I agree too. The age of awareness is upon us. Better have ur spirit in check