Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Moment>>>

So much to take in 2day. Haiti Haiti Haiti.

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:( said...

God is in control. Prayers for protection against children's illnesses, against "the golden eye," against sickness [caused by] evil tongues, against famine, against any principalities here on out

Peter said...

If Wyclef really want to raise some big buck$ and some exposure of the longevity of the "bleeding out" of the Haitian people, which has not been limited to these horrific natural disasters, he should get the FUGEES back together for a few shows. This would generate millions of dollar$!


shines nelson said...

I just spent alot more than 5 bucks on breakfast in nyc. We are so fortunate in this country, I will donate via text, more than once. Everyone should.

Rocsidiaz said...

the oval office is always the scene of the crime