Monday, January 11, 2010

New York’s offshore windfarm?

There are two pitfalls to the Long Island project, however: It will easily cost $3 billion to create, and naysayers complain of the eyesore. Mayor Bloomberg, very much the pragmatist, offers the observation that Americans are already used to seeing power lines, gas stations, and energy plants, which could be argued as eyesores. Large wind turbines in the middle of the bay/ocean will most likely be acclimated before complaints could be seen as legitimate. So, the question remains, will the Long Island Project see completion, ushering a new age of green energy into one of the most energy-exhaustive cities on the eastern seaboard?

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Divalocity said...

Most of Europe has been on the forefront of the "Green Movement" for years. They believe in preserving their environment and not destroying it in pursuit of the all mighty dollar. Even to this very day I practice many of the recycling activities that I did when I lived in Germany. America thinks that they're the best when it comes to everything but we're not and if we continue alienating the rest of the world will be shut out exchanging solutions to end our dependency on foreign oil. They're laughing at us because we can't even pass universal health care