Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Spinach Tip



Never cook spinach. Oxalic acid is destroyed when heat transforms it into oxalic acid crystals that are harmful to the kidneys. It also binds to iron, making it unabsorbable. Spinach is important due to its chlorophyll content, and also supplies an abundance of nutrients such as oxalic acid, beneficial in the cleansing and healing of the intestinal tract. Spinach juice, mixed with other vegetable juices, turns the mixture brown. Although it may look unsightly, it is a beautiful sight to the cells of the body.

Finding good spinach can sometimes be difficult. Look for crisp, dark green leaves. Rinse spinach well, removing sand and grit. Will store in refrigerator for only a few days, as spinach quickly becomes slimy.

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360 Ways said...

Yo....loving the new layout...I looked at almost every picture in the flicker and was heart broken at how far we have been removed from our wise ways as people. Love this blog. Respect and love. Keep up the great work and you will be rewarded by the creator.