Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Revolutionalizing the Monthly Cycle


Women everywhere are faced with the decision of how to best approach their monthly cycle. I started in my teen years using regular pads like many women. Later I learned how to use a tampon, but I was aware of its hazards to the body.

As I got older I realized neither the pads or tampons are good for me or the environment. There must be a better way to approach the cycle I thought. I came across Glad Rags and started using cloth pads. Washing the glad rags was not pleasant, but I continued to use them because I did not want to contribute to the environmental waste created from pads and tampons.


One day as I was researching moon cycles online, and came across the link for the Keeper. Wow, I thought this is something I can easily use and empty out and continue to reuse! I do not have to worry about washing pads. I can go swimming with it if I wanted.

I decided to order the Keeper and although at first it was tricky to figure out how to insert it and take it out, now it's very easy. I highly recommend that women everywhere try the Keeper, the Mooncup or another similar product. Let me know if you have any questions about it and please share it with all your women friends.


Anonymous said...
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Enola said...

Good read. Not to sound crazy but is it painful?

Ixchel said...

Not painful. It is made from a flexible material, so it folds and inserts easily. Once it's inside it's like a tampon you forget it's there.

Enola said...

Thank you. I will check it out when I shop Sunday. I honestly need something more natural and less wasteful. Appreciate u guys for responding. Be well!