Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"STOP Taking Multivitamins Until You Read This!!>>

"STOP Taking Multivitamins Until You Read This"

Did you know your multivitamin may be creating toxic
build up within your body? The deadly secret
multivitamin suppliers hope you never discover...

What if you discovered your multivitamin was punishing you instead of helping you?

What would cause me to ask you this?

Believe it or not, all multivitamins are not created equal. Some may, in fact, inflict enough punishment on you that they should probably be flushed down the toilet.


Consider this… If your multivitamin is synthetic, how do you know it’s even doing you any good? Are you assuming that because you take a ‘multi’ you’re guaranteed better health than if you don’t – because it seems like the healthy thing to do?

Obviously if you take a multi, this is something you’ll want to check out.

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