Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stop:N:Shop::Osborn Design Studio::BKNY

Operated and conceived by a husband and wife team, Osborn Design Studios..honors the evolved artisan from their shoes donned in African and South American their antiqued collage prints, and all good things in between..They are a collective unto themselves dedicated to producing a happy and quality product. If you find yourself in Brooklyn, NY...give them a BlessUp...(dope shoes by the way)

Osborn Design Studio
37 Greenpoint ave. Suite (E5D)


T'äbäqo said...

Oh my wits have been tested and mine eyes have seen the zenith! Salam

T'äbäqo said...

whoooo....i have to leave two comments bcus these are such a sight up...if these were designed in a mens cut they would be mine .....all five.....hmmmmm....Salam

Wey said...

these are so so good looking. luav the blog you guys keep smashin and inspiring others to do what it is they do be$t!!