Saturday, January 16, 2010

Talk to your beloved plants !!

There is no doubt that many people hold conversations with their houseplants, I hold normal conversations with my plants, and perhaps there is a good reason for it. One farmer in england grew a tomato with a world record weight of 4 1/2 lbs. He claimed he fitted it with a pair of headphones so it could listen to soothing music. Other gardners have claimed that heavy rock music will bring some plants to the point of collapse. Im not surprised.

Many people who talk thair flower plants believe it not only helps the plants, but helps them as well. Its believed to particularly beneficial for stressed out business-persons. I suppose the trick is not to be overheard, although some claim that the talking and activity in a business office is good for plants too.

Another young lady says she tried pop music with her maiden hair fern, and it well all droopy, but now she plays soft romantic music, and her fern has just shot away with new growth. Probably made her feel better too.

Meanwhile Russian scientists claim that a delicate recording instrument has recorded cries of distress when a plant had its roots dipped in boiling water. Plants ARE more sensitive than many realize.

Recent research indicates that although the language may be different, lie humans, do talk to eachother and warn of impending danger, according to a study published wednesday. New research scientists at Kyoto University in Japan, published in the science journal "Nature", describes how lima beans send out a distress signals to protect themselves, and warm their neighbors of an impending attack by spider mites.

Instead of words and sentances, the lima beans emit chemicals to get their message across. These plants can prepare defences against the spider mites in advance," Junji Takabayashi and his colleagues said in the Nature report. The chemicals make the plants less susceptible to the spider mites. They also attract the mites' natural predators to help the plants fight the mites. At the same timethe chemicals can activate genes in neighboring plants to produce the ssame chemicals which act as an insect repellent. These findings on airborne informations transferred among plants are important for understanding... interactions in ecosystems as well as for developing new methods for plants protection" the scientists added.

Other research has shown that plants and beneficial symbiotic bacteria can communicate, probably also through chemical reactions.

Many years ago American naturalist Luther Burbank claimed that plants tended with love grew faster and more luxuriantly than others. Plants are unselfish. If we treat them right, feed and water them , they provide us with many months, sometimes years, of pleasure. We should treat our houseplants well , as honored parts of the family, because of the sunshine they bring to our lives.

Speak kindly to each indoor plant, and ask them how they feel and im sure you will be able to see exactly that.

*if you have time, you all should watch my current favorite movie. Rare documentary recorded in 1979, called "The Secret Life of Plants" . Stevie Wonder did the entire soundtrack and its CRAZYYYY.

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