Monday, January 25, 2010

Your honest opinions......

So I may be the last to know (I don't listen to the radio or own tv stations) but I found this email interesting. As some of you may of heard, there is a new movie named "Selma" that will be coming out about Martin Luther King and how he was a ladies man. When I heard some of the details and the fact that it is produced by Brad Pitt and Christian Colson kind of bothered me....well not kind of, IT DID!

Once again I feel that this movie, though it may be true, is a hindurence to our already premature and skewed history of blacks in and before America. If we are going to put a negative light or an "honest" light on such a prominent figure, then we should be equally as eager to make sure that the youth and those of us (the majority) that know nothing of our history is made aware of ALL facts; like cointel pro, the CIA, and special units that have eliminated prominent figures that fought to give us a voice for freedom and equality in the U.S (Fred Hampton, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, etc).

We need to educated our youth and ourselves of black history, all races and colors should know African history b/c it has contributed so much to civilization and the foundation of what we call America. Why tear apart one of the three African Americans that are slightly taught just for credibility or money?'s the root of all evil!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, lol!

Anyway, here is an email i received below

The director of a forthcoming movie about Martin Luther King Jr. has vowed he won't show him in bed with a prostitute.

For months now, King's family has been nervous about "Selma." Produced by Brad Pitt and "Slumdog Millionaire" Oscar-winner Christian Colson, the project's script portrays King (r.) as the tireless martyr of America's civil rights movement. But Paul Webb's screenplay also shows him to be a flesh-and-blood man who had, as his colleague Ralph Abernathy wrote, a "weakness for women."

In one scene, President Lyndon Johnson tells FBI director J. Edgar Hoover that he doesn't know or care "whether [King] has a gargantuan appetite for p- or whether he just sometimes needs a woman's touch when he's away from home ..."

In another scene at a Washington hotel, King meets a flirtatious woman who tells him, "You look like you need some tender loving care, honey."

"You're way out of my price bracket," says King.

"I'll donate part of my fee to the cause," she says.

Soon thereafter, Hoover's agents are seen recording King's lovemaking with the woman, as well as their postcoital conversation. King's wife, Coretta, receives a copy of the tape, with an anonymous blackmail letter.

The Nobel Prize winner actually received such a tape and letter. According to King biographer David Garrow, King explained his numerous extramarital affairs as "a form of anxiety reduction." In 1968, according to historian Taylor Branch, he admitted to Coretta that he'd carried on a five-year romance with a married woman.

Still, King's heirs are trying to keep his dalliances out of "Selma." Last week, a rep for Martin Luther King 3rd told us, "Our attorneys are reviewing the script."

But now, "Selma" director Lee Daniels tells us the Kings can relax. "The script they have is not my script," says Daniels, whose last movie, "Precious," has sparked major Oscar buzz.

Daniels is still "evaluating" the draft by Webb (who has written a script on Abraham Lincoln for Steven Spielberg). But Daniels says he doesn't believe the hooker scene is necessary.

"This project is still in an embryonic stage," he says. "But I can tell you my story focuses on the civil rights marches. It's not about tapes and prostitutes. It's about the African-American man who changed history."


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