Wednesday, February 3, 2010

E-Waste:::::Nothing New Under The African Moon>>>>




A man crosses a severely polluted river in the suburb of Agbogbloshie -- when the rain comes, much of this waste will be washed into the sea.


Computer hard drivesare stacked high at an importer's warehouse in Accra, Ghana. The majority of them are not working and will end up being scrapped. Containers arriving in Ghana with computers are often labelled as "second hand goods" so as to bypass international laws, but in reality as much as 80% of the equipment is obsolete and broken.


A man examines a hard drive, the majority of which will be removed and sold for as little as $20, some containing information that can be used by criminals.


Children burn cables from computers and other electronic equipment in order to retrieve copper. Sadly, combustion releases toxic metals such as lead, beryllium, cadmium and mercury into the atmosphere.


Smoke from burning e-waste drifts along the edge of Agbogbloshie dump.


An old monitor casing lies in a polluted lagoon as smoke rises in the background due to burning e-waste.

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A boy carries electrical cables to a burning site in order to retrieve copper.



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