Sunday, February 7, 2010

▲▲▲Music You Don't Listen Too▲▲▲

Don't act like you know this record. Humble thyself and enjoy. Free up from ego...

Rare 1981 Private Pressing. Crystal Joy, Robbie McCauley, Valois Mickens, Vocals; Ben Bierman, Trumpet; Bob Demeo, Drums; Richard Fairfax, Alto Sax; Melvin Gibbs, Bass; Ed Montomery, Tenor Sax, Vocals; Bern Nix, Guitar; Miguel Rodriguez, Congas.

khalid (Shade 0) : "the truth is always uncomfortable. I'd rather be uncomfortable in truth then totally lax in lies. There's no such thing as hip-hop. that's some governement generated code word
always trying to label and control our bio-kinetics"

70% Water ▲❍बॉलीवुडकीNVR NOT BuSY▲∞❍||

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WendyDay said...

Naps yo! Str8 naps! Loving this all day. And your right. I dont have this and tired of peeeps acting like they know music bcus they have Itunes...Get out the house and purchase. 1Luvv