Monday, February 8, 2010

The Non-GMO Uprising

Today in an article on NaturalNews.Com, Americans are encouraged to join the Non-GMO Uprising. The article points out that the U.S. market is slowly coming around to rejecting genetically-modified foods. Excerpt:
"These executives are becoming aware that GMOs do not offer a single consumer benefit. They are finally learning that the five major GMOs, soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, and sugar beets, which are gene spliced to tolerate or produce poisonous insecticides, offer the consumer nothing. They are also learning that companies can eliminate GMOs without having to change recipes.

When the major food companies notice even tiny losses in market share, their GMO clean out will be widespread. The large food companies will recognize that the same consumer trend that forced them to remove all GM ingredients in Europe and Japan is taking place in the US.

Right now, about 28 million Americans regularly buy organic and about 87 million are opposed to GM foods and believe they are unsafe. And, 159 million say they would avoid GMOs if they were labeled. Imagine what people would say if they all learned that Monsanto paid off our elected officials to not require labeling of GMOs. You see, they knew full well that no one would buy their GMO garbage if it were labeled as such."

The author of the article, Hesh Goldstein, runs Health Talk Hawaii.

Also interesting . . . Check out this Manfred Ladwig expose on Monsanto and the effects of genetically modified foods. I like it because it looks at many countries around the globe.

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HoganHeart said...

Just look up " illumenati" on youtube, the truth about your fuck'd up government... Did you know the government don't care about sick people? I have very angry issues and this pharmacy that gives medicine that works for the government. It's suppose to help me get better but I'm still the same. Also the side effects is bad...i got a twitch muscle from it and i couldn't breath. Later on my parents found my old doctor when i was like 5..or 4 years old. His medicine is curing me. I feel more calm...less angry..and good for once. The government don't care shit for sick people. SORRY 4 the cussing :)