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The benefits of olive leaf extract can be traced back to ancient Mediterranean cultures, most likely Egypt, considering they set the bench mark for wellness and have since have never gotten credit. But that's neither here nor there. Olive leaf was used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. In recent years the olive leaf has been rediscovered by the herbal supplement community, and new therapeutic applications have been discovered.

What is olive leaf extract?

Olive leaf extract comes from the olive tree, a member of the evergreen family native to the Mediterranean region but grown around the world. The therapeutic benefits of olive leaf extract lie in the active ingredient oleuropein.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

1) Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Olive leaf extract contains a class of compounds called flavonoids, which possess anti-inflammatory abilities.

2) Immune System Booster - Studies have shown that people who have taken olive oil extract have achieved a better sense of wellness. The extract acts to boost the body's ability to ward of illness and disease.

3) Interrupting Pathogens - Research points to olive extract's ability to stop the replication of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, in the body.

Other Important Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Other reseach has shown that benefits of olive leaf extract may include lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow, as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract - How can you get the maximum benefits?

In order to get the maximum benefits of olive leaf extract, you have to make sure you are taking a supplement with standardized herbal extract of pure olive leaf. Many olive leaf products on the market do not use standardized extract, because it is much cheaper to produce. But beware, because these products do not contain enough active ingredient to offer you benefits of olive leaf extract.

Also, you must make sure that the olive leaf product is manufactured at a facility that follows strict GMP compliance. These are the strictest manufacturing standards in the world - the same standards that pharmaceutical drugs have to follow - so you know that they are the highest quality products you can buy.

It's important to note that under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, herbal products are considered dietary supplements, so manufacturers do not have to guarantee the content or effectiveness of their products.

As a result many of these products contain very little or none of the ingredients they claim to (therefore, no benefits) or too much ingredient (dangerous!). Still others contain harmful contaminants that could cause serious damage to your body!

That's why you have to find a high quality olive leaf supplement, one with standardized herbal extract, manufactured under GMP compliance by a well highly trained, highly credentialed product formulator.

Are you better off with olive leaf on its own or as part of a more comprehensive formula?

You can purchase an individual olive leaf supplement, or you can buy a more comprehensive product that includes olive leaf extract along with other herbs, vitamins and minerals. In our opinion, you are better off with the latter for many reasons.

Maximize the benefits of olive leaf extract

Many herbalists and scientists feel that you can achieve better results with a blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in one formula. Here's why:

A) Many herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients work together synergistically - often a blend of nutrients can work better together than one nutrient on its own. The therapeutic effect is enhanced by the nutrients working together.

For example: Olive leaf can work together with ginger to lower high blood pressure. Vitamin E works in conjunction with Vitamin C in a similar fashion.

B) You can help several body systems at one time - For example, you can treat a condition with one herb, protect your body with another and make sure the condition does not return with yet another herb.

For example: Olive leaf can boost your immune system while turmeric protects your liver and gingko maintains circulation.

C) Herbs can offset the possible side effects of each other - an herb that helps alleviate a problem in one area can help treat a slight side effect that may be caused by another.

For example: Olive leaf could cause a mild side effect that is easily treated with ginger present in the product.

Another thing to consider is that many olive leaf products on the market don't even contain olive leaf extract! It's hard to believe but it's true! This is the case with many different single and multi-herb products.

In a recent study, a test of 54 ginseng products found that 25% of them did not even contain ginseng! It's amazing what marketers will do when they don't have to account for the ingredients in their products!

So you can see how important it is to find a high quality product, and how a blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients may be more beneficial to your health than a single herb product, not to mention safer!

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