Sunday, February 7, 2010


Peace peace - here's a homemade salsa & guacamole recipe to start the week!


Roma tomatoes
Red onion
Sea Salt
Jalapeno Pepper (not in the pic)
2 mixing bowls


Dice 6 tomatoes
Dice 1/4 to 1/2 of the red onion
chop cilantro (about a half cup or so)
finely chop 1 jalapeno pepper
combine in mixing bowl
add sea salt to taste
squeeze in a 1/2 lime's worth of juice & mix everything together
adjust levels if desired

*remember when it comes to the jalapeno that you can always add more, but you can't take any out.


Mash avacados until creamy
stir in a couple big spoonfuls of the salsa
squeeze in a lime's worth of juice
sea salt is optional

if there's any leftover lime, add it to a glass of water :)

These amounts can be scaled down too - sometimes when it's just me, I'll use only 1 tomato & 1 avacado. Enjoy with chips or sliced cucumbers!


WendyDay said...

Wow...did u get a new camera?...the pics make me hungry already. Nice work and the recipes seems very functional in my day to day. Loven the avocado

IV the Polymath said...

Peace Wendy - I finally upgraded from the cell phone cam. Glad you're diggin the recipe - will be posting more soon

Silouette Brown said...

d recipes. Real green and basic.