Friday, March 12, 2010

Brush Your Teeth...What Do You Use?

>> Colgate or Chewing Stick
Brush your teeth every day, dentists say. In Africa, that can mean keeping your toothbrush in your mouth all day long. Across the continent south of the Sahara, many people go about their daily business with a small stick or twig protruding from their mouth, which they chew or use to scrub their teeth. >> Read More


>> Make Your Own Toothpaste and Mouthwashes


>> Truth About Natural Toothpaste

You brush your teeth every day, so shouldn't you think about what you're putting on your pearly whites?

A simple perusal of the ingredients list of a tube of commercial toothpaste can yield a laundry list of chemicals, additives, detergents and (shock!) sweeteners. That's why we decided to try out some natural pastes and put them to the test.

Typical toothpastes can contain some harsh abrasives and chemicals. Among the worst ingredients to watch out for -- propylene glycol -- a solvent that is the active component in some anti-freezes, and is used in everything from makeup to mouthwash. Fluoride is also a questionable ingredient for some – it's used in commercial toothpastes to strengthen enamel, and many dentists recommend using a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is considered toxic when ingested in high levels and is a controversial additive in water. Accidentally ingesting high quantities of toothpaste -- as children sometimes do -- can be potentially toxic. >> Read More


>> Make a Neem Toothbrush
Researchers believe that the use of neem toothbrushes is responsible for the bright smiles and healthy teeth of Indian villagers, people who never had access to any modern dental care facilities, products or fancy toothpaste.

On the page about neem toothpaste I talk more about the impressive results that researchers and individuals had when treating gum disease with neem.

Maybe you already read there, or somewhere else, how Indians traditionally chew on neem twigs to keep their gums and teeth healthy.

Well, there is a bit more to it than just chewing. Here is a more detailed description of how neem twigs rather than neem toothpaste are traditionally used in India. >> Read More


What do you use to brush your teeth n keep them healthy?


Vaishali said...

I just use toothpaste, abrasives and all, but growing up in India I remember all the many different alternatives. There were toothpowders that people would rub against their teeth with fingers (even Colgate made one), and in rural areas people would sometimes use ashes left over from burning wood to cook food.
Datoon sticks, which I think are the stems of the wonderful neem tree, are an extremely popular and healthy teeth-cleaner used by people in villages..traveling through the train into Gujarat early one morning I remember seeing little kids from the villages we passed chewing on these sticks. They had great smiles! :)

Belyn66 said...

It is the Absolute. Big up for adding this one.