Monday, March 1, 2010

.......Make Your Own Sushi.......

Peace. For some reason I always assumed it was mad difficult to make your own sushi. After spending 8 bucks on avocado rolls for the past year, I decided to try my own & not only was it cheaper, but it was pretty fun & easy too...


Nori Sheets
Short or medium grain rice (I used brown)
Sesame seeds
Bowl of water

Cook the rice & let it cool
Slice the vegetables thin & long so they are about the same length as the nori sheet

Spread the rice out over the nori sheet, leaving two inches on the end farthest from you
Place the veggies in the middle so they cover the width of the sheet
Roll it up!
Have a bowl of water nearby & as you are about to finish rolling, sprinkle some on the 2 inches not covered by rice (this will allow it to stick) & finish rolling
Brush the outside of the roll with water & roll in a plate of sesame seeds so they stick
Let them dry before cutting
Cut each roll into 8 pieces & enjoy with chop sticks, soy sauce, wasabi and/or whatever else you desire!


WendyDay said...

Ok, my last comment for the night but that looks damn good. I know your fridge must be full of good vagan food. stay cool folks

Ixchel said...

Nice! Looks delicious! Invite us all over for a potluck!

Schroeder said...

I always assumed it was mad difficult to make your own sushi myself. You best believe I'm going to give it a shot now.

IV the Polymath said...

Thanks for the love Wendy!
lxchel if you are ever in NY I'll hold you down on the food tip.
Schroeder - let me know how it turns out!