Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Recipe------------->

Peace. If you end up trying the homemade sushi recipe from last night, here is something you can do with the leftover nori sheets. This one is inspired by Chef BeLive...


nori sheets
sunflower seeds
alfalfa sprouts
olive oil
sea salt
garlic powder
bowl of water


Finely chop the arugula & cilantro separately. Chop the strawberries as well & put them all off to the side.

Grind cashews & sunflower seeds (2 parts nuts to 1 part seeds). Place in a mixing bowl. Add olive oil & mad lemon juice. Stir until it becomes a paste. Generously add sea salt, garlic powder & paprika to taste, but don't OD because the strawberries will compliment later.

Spread the paste on the nori sheet, leaving a couple inches on the end farthest from you. Then add the alfalfa sprouts & arugula in the same fashion. Add the cilantro & strawberries to the middle only as pictured above & then roll up like a sushi roll. Remember to wet the end as you finish rolling so it sticks together.

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Ixchel said...

Sounds delicious! Had not thought about makin a paste with cashews and sunflower seeds. Da strawberry, arugula and cilantro combination sounds intriguing as well. Thnx 4 sharin!