Tuesday, March 16, 2010

U.S. Census Implementing Massive Invasion of Privacy

This video itemizes the fundamental legal questions that the Census Bureau refuses or fails to answer about its collection and use of personal information from every American.

Without any apparent authority, the Census Bureau has expanded its information-gathering activities. The Constitution allows the government to count people once every 10 years, but does not require any American to be counted, or to provide any information at all.


WendyDay said...

Please don't scare us:) But its always good to know

HAHAHA said...

The Census is a vital tool in our understanding of people and their patterns of movement, living standards, etc. Without it, we wouldn't know how to improve the lives of people living in less than ideal situations. The disconnect is how people in power actually use this data. The more data we have, the more the case can be made for improvement of social services, etc. Please don't scare people into not wanting to be counted.

WendyDay said...

The Constitution authorizes them to count heads every ten years, not to ask how many bathrooms you have and what racial group your ancestors are from. So what r u trying to say?