Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yoga and 105 Degree Heat

Bikram Yoga is named after its founder - Bikram Choudhury, who studied Yoga with Bishnu Ghosh, brother of Paramahansa Yogananda. It is a series of 26 poses performed in a room with temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Each Yoga Pose is usually performed twice and held for a certain period of time. Yoga Sessions start from Standing Postures, then the Backbends, Forward Bends, and Twists. The poses are accompanied by Kapalabhati Breath or the "blowing in firm".

Why practice Yoga in a heated room?

■Heat is used in Bikram and Hot Yoga in order to allow you to go deeper and safer into a Yoga Pose.
■Your body becomes more flexible in the heat and since most poses used in Bikram are physically challenging, heat allows you to get into a pose that you never imagined you can do.
■It also eliminates the risk of injuries, promotes sweating, and helps you release the toxins in your body.
■The Bikram Yoga Poses not only work on your muscles but also on your internal organs.
■Each pose stretches and strengthens your muscles, joints, and ligaments and, at the same time release the toxins and work on your internal organs like the glands and the nervous system.
Some people are often discouraged to practice of Yoga by thinking that they are not flexible enough. Yoga is not about being flexible, but about strengthening your body and your spine in all directions with the goal of creating a union between the body, mind and spirit. All that matters is to try the right way without pushing yourself too far.

What are the Benefits of Bikram Yoga?

■Bikram Yoga is designed to "scientifically" warm and stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the order in which they should be stretched.
■The practice of Bikram Yoga promotes the cleansing of the body and release of toxins and utmost flexibility.
■It can also reduce stress and increase blood circulation according to Yoga Books.
■The practice of Bikram Yoga can also help you lose weight and develop muscles.
■Anyone can practice Bikram Yoga even people with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disorders may benefit in doing the Yoga Poses by reducing symptoms, and also one of the best ways to prevent any ailments by keeping the body healthy.

In fact, it has helped its founder, Bikram, recover from a serious knee injury he acquired in his training for weightlifting. He had been told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk again. After consulting his Yoga teacher, Bikram resumed his Yoga practice and his daily performance of the Asanas allowed him to rebuild his muscle and walk again. So put on your Bikram Yoga Clothes, because even Hollywood celebrities, athletes and ordinary people also claimed that the practice of Bikram Yoga helped them in reaching high levels of performance, extending their careers, healing their bodies, achieving mental clarity and increased energy levels.


Ixchel said...

Thnx 4 posting dis. I have tried Bikram yoga and really appreciated da heat in da midst of dis brutal winter! Sweatin also helps to get out all da toxins and makes u mo flexible. All dis is not cheap though! $20 per class, not affordable, a luxury for most, bit elitist...

Simone said...

I love bikram yoga! Ixchel, there are a few ways around the slightly prohibitive fee. Most studios offer a student discount. Also, (and this all depends on the studio) if you volunteer, you can take the class for free :o)... or for a big discount.

Ixchel said...

Thanks Simone...Will look into volunteering

Real2Real said...

Bikram is the truth. It helped me get the this winter in shape. Thanks for the read and reminder

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?


The Daily Dose said...

I've considered finding a studio that does Bikram yoga. It looks pretty serious though, I'm not sure I'm ready! Is Bikram geared more towards advanced practicers?

Lions Mountain said...

Bikram Yoga is amazing, it really rejuvanates my body and soul, i agree with Ixchel, it really takes your mind away from this brutal winter, even if its only 90 mins.

It is really pricey, but worth the money. Im paying 70pounds a month for unlimited access.

Some places should offer an
introduction price before you commit to a monthly plan

@sfathour i will def check those out.

@daily dose - Bikram is for all even beginners, it is very intense with the heat but if you have any injuries instuctors will go easy on you or you could sit out the difficult poses

I higly recommened this, it is amazing in all sense, good for mind, body, soul and skin.