Thursday, April 15, 2010


It depicts (sometimes, with startling accuracy) the life of a young Maori boy growing up in a rural east coast town in 1980’s New Zealand. Some very classic comedic moments and lines in the film, but a wonderful story develops throughout the film about the father-son bond. Not only amusing to the public, but very significant to people here who grew up in that type of environment.

A funny combination of Bro’town, Summer Heights High, and a dash of the Conchords dry kiwi wit thrown into the mix. I would imagine if you enjoyed the comedy in those three series you would enjoy the film.

“Boy” was showcased at this year’s 2010 Sundance and Berlin Film festival, where it won a best feature award at the BFF.

I think this will go on to become another NZ film classic, so if you get the chance, do take the time to watch it.

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RideNShine said...

good trailer.