Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mOs dUb▲▲▲▲

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I am not a huge fan of Dub Versions unless its roots but some of the tracks on this piece are halfway decent. "Travelin Man" and "Kapala Truth Work" over the "Truth and Rights" was not to bad. Dread out>

see we http://mosdub.com/

by the way....if your into "Roots". We are supporting the party below every Thursday @ Patty Boom Boom on 14th Street>>


DJRICHofMedina said...

finally finding ur nitch UD. When u gon spin hip hop again brotha...thats ur roots man...serato djs taking over brah...get out there and juggle on them fools. by the way. Thank ur associates for the good green posts. I am changing my life around slowly but surely. LOVE AND PRAYERS TO WELL AND GOOD. I might swing pass boom boom or bossa on a humble one of these days. also get at me if u wanna role to Cali and UK for a spell for the reunion. too much for a comment section. gonna email u . peace.

TheDcist said...

great party Thursday.i will definitely let folks in on the scoop. 1 luv