Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Mixtape: AFRICA AFRICA AFRICA::::::::by some guy

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<a href="http://lunchboxtheory.bandcamp.com/album/africa-africa-africa">KARIZMA-SADE REALLY LOVES U by Lunchbox Theory</a>

We’re back with the newest, freshed edition of DJ’s Underdog’s Africa Africa Africa. This is the new name of Lunchbox Theory’s and Underdog's mixtape that preview’s the hottest party in town, Afrobeat for Ya Soul! And yes it’s FREE! This selection of Afrobeat tunes, is infused with additional music that inspired and energizes. Turn your volume up and rock out this mixtape where ever your day may take you. And don’t forget, you can hear the talents of DJ Underdog this Thursday at Bossa Lounge, 2463 18th NW.

written by THEM



DJ Rocktakon said...

this mix is a beast man...but it always makes me wonder...WHEN U GONNA DO HIPHOP AGAIN MAN!!!!!....I SAW u at the DMC dj battle a few years back and I was impressed DC had dope hip hop dj's...then tru skool,,,now u doing the alternative stuff...I know u still still have records man!

Simone said...


Sending good vibes all down my spine :o)