Thursday, April 22, 2010

THANK U FOR life 2 Real Earth Wombmen:::Happy EarthDay

The Supremes


WendyDay said...


who are you.

i need to know.(in a good way)

made my heart flutter.

very special post.

very special

Kita said...

This was sweat

Jennifer said...

what about other mothers???? White mommas dont get no love?

Underdog the DJ said...

Jennifer...please reference

Jennifer said...

hahah...ok...i get hard feelings on my part. I just thought it was a little bias. But a friend of mine who also reads this blog daily hipped me to the "science". I am from Holand and I just wanted to include everyone. I am humbled and know that the origins of man are in Africa. I dont deny that. disregard the way I jumped to conclusions. guess thats the problem overall. sorry pretty peopple