Monday, May 3, 2010

cOmpact wRiting sTudio and lIbrary ▲∞▲▲

This building is a private wrting studio and a library for a historian. It’s compact and located on the adjacent to the main home site. Only stand of trees separates these two buildings. The simple structure of the library is clad in copper and shifts color depending on the light of the day, the viewing angle and the seasons. The cooper can appear reflective and bright, as well as matte and dark. The interior is defined by douglas fir and books. Thanks to large windows and great position of the building it is filled with natural light. All that makes the interior comfy and great place to work and relax.

{ Andrew Berman | Photography by Michael Moran }


WendyDay said...

uhhh, can't wait to get one of these for my earthday?

Ixchel said...

Amazing! Love the design, inspires creativity!