Monday, May 31, 2010

Look Around & Enjoy! FREE Mulberry's In the CITY


Nike Nando said...

whaattttttttt....we can eat these...dont play...cus i have a bush in my yard>>..i thought they were poisonous ?

Najma said...


* Mulberry can balance internal secretions and enhance immunity. It promotes proper body fluid production. People suffering from body fluid deficiency could take ten grams of mulberry daily with water.
* Mulberry is useful for the persons who use their eyes a lot during work. Regular consumption of mulberry strengthens eyesight.
* Presence of nutritious elements like minerals and vitamins in mulberry helps in curing chronic diseases.
* Mulberry is helpful for proper gastric juice secretion.
* Regular use of Mulberry enhances appetite, and also improves the ability for digesting and assimilating.
* Mulberry could be used to fight problems like chronic gastritis and chronic hepatitis.
* Regular consumption of mulberry juice would be helpful in curing health problems like anemia, pallor, dizziness, heart-palpitations and insomnia.
* Persons with graying hair can also get benefited by regular intake of Mulberry. Mulberry juice applied directly on head also promotes healthy growth of hair and blackening.
* Nutritious value of Mulberry enriches the blood and in the process, soothes the nerves.
* Mulberry could be helpful in promoting the metabolism of alcohol.
* Mulberry helps in containing hypertension.
* Regular intake of Mulberry strengthens body parts like liver and kidney.
* Mulberry is helpful in treating constipation.
* Mulberry is instrumental in eliminating abdominal distention.
* Intake of mulberry juice after any surgery is restorative.
* Mulberry is helpful in recuperating after long-time sickness.
* Consumption of Mulberry after childbirth is good for women's health.
* Use of Mulberry keeps low cholesterol level in the body.
* Mulberry can suppress mutagenesis of carcinogens.
* Regular use of Mulberry prevents cancer of liver.
* Mulberry is helpful in reducing level of blood sugar.

Ixchel said...

Thanks so much Najma! I enjoyed some mulberries during my ride on the C & O Canal trail yesterday. Sweet and delicious!

Underdog the DJ said...

I forgot all about these....wasn't there a mulberry song?