Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roots Picnic 2010 Announced! {6/5}

Thanks Cognito

:) I don't do the picnics anymore but they are still good to go to if you want to sight up some good raw philly NRG. Safe travels!

Saturday, June 5th, 2pm
@ The Festival Pier, Penns Landing
Philadelphia, PA



BoomWaDiss said...

Glad you posted this but i get sick of seeing all the BLACK HIPSTERS at roots picnic. Not to mention the white ones. OK...the hipsters!

The jeans get tighter and tighter. This is why no one can have kids and when they have kids there women. Cus the guys nuts are hugged! So no Roots Pic(aniny) for me. and NNEKA??? ugh..she is just another lightskin african with a so called cause. SHES WACK! AND THE ROOTS ARE WACK TOO. WHO ELSE...ONLY GOOD ACT IS THE SOUTH PHILLY HEARTATTACK YOU WILL GET WHEN U EAT THE CHEESESTEAK :)

JahSun said...

nobody asked you :)

but Raekwon will be nice to c

stop all yah blod clot cryn :(

Tarica said...

Thanks for posting. The Very Best is dope. I missed them both times they were here in DC.

Underdog the DJ said...

I am feeling the Very Best too. especially Rain Dance

Truly Aesthetic said...

Aww I wish I could attend! The Foreign Exchange is real breath of fresh air. I've had to chance to see them twice in NC. I'll send this to all my folks up north so they can attend. Thanks for posting this! Peace...