Monday, May 24, 2010

Visual Therapy 12: Incidental video and Accidental Aesthetics... ▲▲∑₦₭$▲

Axel AntasCloud Formation suspended C-print framed114x90cmEdition of 5 2006

Tiefsee-Tintenfisch Gonatus onyx bei der Brutpflege


Axel AntasForest

Sister Nancy


meltyourheart:sweethomestyle:(via architectureblog)

Photo : Henry Horenstein. On peut visiter son site et le site Animalia qui expose plusieurs de ses photographies. “… the first metaphor was animal.” (John Berger, Why Look at Animals?)

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god by Godiex { ☂... }.

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Jessica said...

too much EGO will KILL your TALENT. i love it!!!