Thursday, May 20, 2010

WHY CAN'T YOU SWITCH OFF YOUR MIND???? Sound Therapy Massages

Giant Bass

Couch Slitdrum
These Bass-Slit-Drum benches have been used successfully with many different people with amazing results. Some people enjoy the vibration massage, hyperactive children can be calmed with the experience of the deep sound. Acoustically handicapped people can experience sound through vibration and also multiple handicapped persons experience and react to this kind of communication. All slitdrums have an additional pair of feet on the side enabling them to be flipped over 90 degrees. This allows a person to sit or lay down on top, allowing the therapist to play the slitdrum on the side.

8 Tones: D Pentatonic. Wood: Padouk. Comes with 2 mallets.
Size: 122 cm x 44 cm x 48 cm.
Carriage: Due to this instrument's size and weight, carriage cost will vary with destination
Rocking Monochord Chair

The ultimate sound therapy instrument! In this rocking monochord chair you can rest a little.... sit down, relax and enjoy the sound massage. Play all the strings lightly or pluck single ones with your finger tips, it's easy to learn. Throught the ear shaped cut-outs you can play the strings from the inside or let somebody else play for you. The sound cradle is the synthesis of furniture and instrument, beautifully made in Germany from birch, beech and ash wood. The rocking sound cradle has 2 sets of 18 monochord strings and can be used in at least 3 ways:

As a monochord rocking chair, or remove the rockers for a static monochord chair or remove the seat for a sound cradle.

As a sound cradle it can be placed on a table or on the floor, and gently rocked from side to side, or even turned upside down to form a tunnel for small children.

The possibilities are endless!


Size: 140 x 75 x 50 cm.

Supplied with terracotta seat cushion.

Other designs are available to order, please ask us for further details.

Carriage: Due to this instrument's size and weight, carriage cost will vary with destination.

Be well and check out some other inspirational instruments from around there world here ::: (((

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