Monday, June 7, 2010

Quintetto by Quiet Ensemble|||||||

Our perpetual quest for meaning, art and living new experiences continues to push new levels of creativity. We are all part of a chaotic yet harmonious ensemble we call life. Cars zipping through intersections and pedestrians aggressively walking to diverse destinations are just two examples of movements that create consonance or dissonance to our daily lives. The intervals of everyday life, walking to the subway, driving to work or flying to a far destination create harmonies like instruments, composing our complex society. Quiet Ensemble seeks to compose sounds out of the most casual movements of the "invisible concerts" of everyday life. Utilizing technology to capture, express and translate our most natural of routines, Quiet Ensemble builds narratives that explore not only the music of our lives but also conceptual relationships between the natural and built environment.

Quintetto by Quiet Ensemble from yatzer on Vimeo.

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