Monday, June 14, 2010

Visual Therapy 13: Incidental video and Accidental Aesthetics... ▲▲∑₦₭$▲

Animated stereoview of old Japan --

gate triangle


80's Anti-Piracy Ad

UHHH.... THIS ONES FOR A FRIEND....(not a fan of Theophillus) Sorry

vashtie: 10 MINUTES IN TRINIDAD (2010) from va$htie on Vimeo.


WendyDay said...

refreshing views on an unfreshing Mundae! 1 love

djdnice said...

Theophillus London is a cool young fellow if I say so myself. Sorry you dont like him:)

Great Random Post though.

WaxTransparent said...

THOSE leather booties are everything.

Jessica said...

Do you create these kinds of motion files? Stunning and dope if I must say so myself