Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegan Product Review|||||||Doctor Bird Bitters

Doctor Bird Bitters is a combination of herbal bitters and nervines that have been used as nutrients, relaxants and cleansers of the body. It also rejuvenates and regenerates the cells, combat degenerative diseases and maintains youthfulness.

Clean blood and strong nerves are essential for total harmony in the body. The blood functions as the body's transport system, the nerves as the network that co-ordinates the physiological and metabolic processes necessary for homeostasis. Africans, Chinese, Indians and other Oriental cultures have made bitter and nervine herbs an integral part of the daily diet, to purge the blood and to prevent and/or to effectively address nervous disorders such as: anxiety, impotence, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, phobias, poor coordination, poor memory, premature ejaculation, stress and other symptoms associated with nerve tissue degeneration.

Dr. Bird Bitters is the first herbal combination designed especially for the maintenance of nerve tissue and nerve energy. Clean blood carries nutrients to the cells and removes wastes from the organs and tissues more efficiently. Healthy nerves ensures proper bodily coordination. Dr. Bird Bitters is a combination of herbal nerve and blood cleansers. Maintains youthfulness and virility and helps prevent aging. A daily dose of Dr. Bird Bitters nourishes nerves; relaxes nerves and muscles; improves cellular absorption of oxygen and other nutrients; strengthens intestinal muscles and improves peristalsis; regenerates nerve tissue; cleanses gastrointestinal tract; normalizes the temperature and viscosity of blood (normalizing blood pressure) and encourages thorough evacuation of bowels at stooltime. A HEALTHEE Solution for Modern Living- Address Stress - Use Dr. Bird Bitters.

Ingredients: Distilled spring water, avocado root, bitters, blue vervain, breadnut chips, cocoa root, damiana, guava root, jackfruit root, milk thistle, pepper elder, prickly ash bark, raw moon, scullcap, semi-contact and spices. For ages 3 years to adult.

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