Sunday, August 8, 2010

๏ɹʁ яʌʍλ ч∞ΣΠ ⌥CONGOnyc⌥


Simone said...

Another fantastic post... Great message and I'm also feeling the accompanying music. But I don't get the number triangles following the youtube videos. Would you mind explaining?

Underdog the DJ said...

The triangles represent edge Kemetic numbering and can have similar magical properties to perimeter magic polygons. They can be placed in thousands of ways. Also, triangles represent so many things in history as you know. They were used to map the stars, triangle slave trade and small 3's like trilateral commission... unemployment, crime and jail... etc etc etc...and the genocidal triangles in general--->Europe, America, Japan all in 3's....3 is the triangle and the numbers in between are geometric links which all equal the same thing at the end. Some of the numbers can represent the end of cycles too. Circles can be numbered as well as lines to map out cycles. I can go on and on about triangles. ▲ △ ▼ ▽