Tuesday, August 24, 2010


INSPIRING STORIES  CONNECTING CULTURES  all roads film festival  SEPTEMBER 28-October 3, 2010International tales of comedy, romance, drama, fantasy, and more.  MEET THE DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, AND ACTORS.  IMMERSE YOURSELF IN ALL ROADS PHOTOGRAPHY.  JAM AT THE BASEMENT BHANGRA DANCE PARTY  with world-famous DJ REKHA. Kick it off with a funky groove  from Lunchbox Theory's AfroBeat for Ya Soul with DJ UNDERDOGNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  GROSVENOR AUDITORIUM  1600 M STREET N.W.  WASHINGTON, D.C.  Free parking is available on site.  For details, go to nationalgeographic.com/allroadsBUY TICKETS SEPTEMBER 1           AT NGLIVE.ORG/DCSAVE THE DATE!

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