Monday, August 23, 2010

The Quenepa

I was at the Berkeley Bowl grocery store , the best ive been to EVER.... and my jaw dropped when i saw these tiny, slimy, tangy, little fruits of goodness !!! In Puerto Rico we had our very own tree to get them from and i would spend all summer in the backyard picking and eating them ! So to find them out here in CA was awesome.

Heres a couple things I found about them ....

"Virgin Islanders sometimes eat genip or kenip fruit to alleviate diarrhea,4 and Haitians sometimes consume powdered roasted genip seed syrup or tea for the same purpose.3 Virgin Islanders have also been known to take a decoction of genip leaves and stems orally for coughs and fever.4 In Haiti, the macerated juice of genip leaves is gargled to relieve sore throat, thrush, and tonsillitis.3 A decoction of genip leaves is also drunk in the Bahamas to lower blood pressure.5

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Bruno said...

They look simila to leechees. Wish i was out west