Monday, August 16, 2010

Visual Therapy 15: Incidental video and Accidental Aesthetics... ╚╔╗ ╬═╓╩ ┠┨┯┷┏ ┓┗┛ ┳⊥﹃﹄ ┌┐└┘∟ 「」↑↓

Directed by Underdog the DJ and Daniel CDMs™ from Adorations of Baraka on Vimeo.

(via scotty2hotty69)

Arielle de Pinto - Collections - 2010 Collection

[1018.jpg]brownbook north africa rising Brownbook No.22: North Africa Rising

Death of Music

The Death Of The Music Industry

Oil Rain

Michael Moschen


Lkawarta said...

crazy post.

WaxTransparent said...

ditto. Adorations of Baracka was beautiful. What buildings are those that kind of look like gourds?

Simone said...

Yea!! Triangles... ;o)

Mali Africa said...

I been following all 15 of these post. WTF IS ON YOUR MIND YO!!! SOME OF THIS STUFF IS SERIOUS. ANYWAYS @Wax Transparent...I really wanna know what those gourds r too???? AND what country they r in.