Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where's the dirtiest place in your home?

As measured by total bacteria per square inch:

• Bathtub: Up to 250,000
• Sponge: Up to 250,000
• Kitchen Faucet Handle: Up to 25,000
• Kitchen Floor: Up to 3,500
• Kitchen Counter Top: Up to 2,500
• Bathroom Sink: Up to 2,500
• Pet Food Dish: Up to 2,500

The data comes from this study.

The take-home message? Beware the bathtub:

A mere 3 percent of Americans believe the bathtub poses the greatest risk of transmitting germs to themselves or their children. However, the bathtub is one of the germiest surfaces in the home. A recent study found staph aureus, the most common cause of serious staph infections, in 26 percent of bathtubs tested, versus only 6 percent of garbage cans.

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