Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom Suite by The Beast and Nnenna Freelon ||||||||||||||||||||||

I wish this song didn't have the rapping portion. Just let the sista blow!!!

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Freedom Part 2 is the first leak off The Beast and Nnenna Freelon's new jazz and Hip Hop project, Freedom Suite. Produced by Apple Juice Kid, Freedom Part 2 samples Freedom Part 1 - the politically charged anthem off The Beast's debut album, Silence Fiction.
from Freedom Suite, track released 26 October 2010
Eric Hirsh (piano), Peter Kimosh (bass), Stephen Coffman (drums), Pierce Freelon (vox), Suede (vox).

Produced by Apple Juice Kid.
Update: Talk about timing. I just heard my brethren Stone over at Couch Sessions Posted this video alongside it. Community Gardens and all!! Check out The cameo from Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo) in the mix.


RiseNSHine said...

This is fresh yo. Geechi was a surprise

WaxTransparent said...

1. dope...Nnenna is a great teacher too. attended a few of her technique & biz workshops. from career nurse to jazz nova...hope for me yet?
2. how interesting is it that i post about max roach/abbey lincoln freedom suite right after this? didnt do it consciously but cool how it connects the historical/musical dots