Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cocoa Nibs & Mulberry Superfoods>>>

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa beans are the seed of a fruit that grows on the cocoa tree. Cocoa trees originated in the Amazon basin, and they will only grow in a very warm, moist, shady environment. Cocoa beans contain many substances that have earned them the reputation as being nature's antidepressant. Cocoa beans contain three neurotransmitters that are associated with promoting a healthy mood and positive mental state: serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine.

Now, we are not speaking of Hersheys Chocolate. I am speaking of natural raw cocoa nibs. What's healthy is the cacao bean, minimally processed. How is this possible, something that only recently was thought of as an unhealthy, dangerous, guilty indulgence...a sign of dietary decadence, now being hailed as beneficial to everything from brain health to skin elasticity to cardiovascular health to anti-cancer and pretty much everything in between? It's simple: chocolate does not equal cacao bean, nor vice-versa; most candy and chocolate bars contain not only low levels of cacao bean compared to other unhealthy ingredients such as sugars, milk fat, artificial flavorings and so on, but the quality and processing of the cacao used in these products is often of low health benefits due to everything from alkalization to refining and processing and over-roasting the healthy elements right out of the beans.

But you want it raw!!! Cacao contains a wide array of unique properties and minerals, including high levels of sulfur and magnesium.


Mulberry is one of the nutrition treasures of alternative health medicine that has many health benefits to all who eat it. Mulberry contains fiber, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, carbohydrates, iron and proteins essential to one’s good health. The fruit is found mainly in the subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and the Americas and can be black, red, pink or white in color. One benefit of Mulberry is that it contains anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are believed to contribute to the antioxidant properties of berries, and they are the reasons berries have their dark colors.

Mulberry juice is believed to be a good source of treating anemia and poor blood circulation. In Chinese medicine, people regularly mix Mulberry juice as a tonic and drink it to alleviate anemic symptoms and to improve their blood circulation. Mulberry also has the health benefit of soothing the nerves. When combined with Chinese schizandra and ligustrum, Mulberry is effective at soothing the nerves after a stressful day.Mulberries are a good source of resveratrol, a potent phytonutrient also found in grapes that researchers believe can prevent cancer and aid in the fight of existing cancers.Because of their resveratrol content, mulberries may be a tool in one's life extension arsenal, as resveratrol has shown in several studies to extend the life of mice. (Thank you mice!!)

In Turkey, a treatment for constipation is to eat white mulberries on an empty stomach with a glass of water.In China, tea made with mulberry paste is believed to strengthen one's hearing and vision. In several countries, mulberries are considered an effective remedy for prematurely gray hair. Be well!!! By the way, Whole Foods has these in stock.

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