Monday, November 22, 2010

Heavy As Stone◥◥◥◥ Interview w/ Damu The Fudgemunk - PART 1 - DC Joint / Don't Do It

"DC Joint" is the latest track from Damu's "Supply For Demand" project. This mp3 includes his Guru Dedication which precedes the song on the album. Supply For Demand is available worldwide on November 23rd 2010 (tomorrow) on VINYL, CD + Digital on Redefinition Records.


Verse 1

"Halfway north and halfway south
lies the money in the middle
a place I call my house
in between 2 states
Columbia's district
used to be a full diamond, but now we thank Virginia
home of 2 rivers and quote un quote "niggas"
202's the digits that's to hit us when ya visit
contrary to belief Washingtonians are frigid
all year around
resounding city limits
kids live rigorous
moms got a little bit
village snakes are venomous starting with representatives
winners-sinners-senate seats-congress
reside on a hill
Pierre L'enFant concepts
beyond steps & monuments is the heart of it
4 quadrants
"Parliament" renamed chocolate
legends are born
broken dreams build boulevards
get caught looking hard and they'll pull your card
nothing odd, but acceptable norm, affecting newborns
father figures are gone when the federals swarm or on their own
drug free zones / empty homes
amongst these known facts, my mayor smoked crack
and still gets dap like a black bill clinton
we're on top of the world cause our aids rate is killing in statistics
stars and bars jurisdiction
villians and victims
don't get mixed in"


"More positives than HIV, shall I continue
cause my details are accurate
and I live here
proof of residence uptown,
certain people rep my city ... they never were found
I mean Kennedy, Emory
the 70 to petworth
Fort Stevens
the old Ibex Network
peace to DCPS
attention certain teachers: you told us as young black males we
wouldn't reach the...
"tip tip top" of biological clocks
"now I'm a master, in the field of hip hop"
despite go-go godfathers, slouch socks
and rottweilers, new balance and camouflages, bubbles and foamposites,
older knowledge is instilled
celebrity trivia
political figures in the media
king riots
ink dries up for post stories
Georgetown was black in the 40's
before skins moved to Maryland
RFK flea market was a place to get everything
speaking of the devil in reference to everything
anything can happen on any given day"

Written and produced by Damu The Fudgemunk
"DC Joint"
Supply For Demand
Available on VINYL / CD / Digital
November 23rd, 2010

Damu The Fudgemunk's latest record, Supply For Demand, is available at the following locations for purchase on VINYL, CD or download. Also note: we are personally sold out of the bonus 7" but some other retailers may still have it in stock.

Fat Beats
King Underground
Fat City
Access HipHop
Redef Store (no longer shipping international orders / no more 7"s in stock)

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Moonshine said...

I am shedding a tear. He has come such a long way