Wednesday, December 22, 2010

aFrofurisM in A MOMEnt◥◥◥

Berlin’s Calling
01 Isolee’ “Celeste”
02 Ofak “On Our Way”
04 Frankie Valentine “Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
05 Future Licks “Never Never” (Christo Remix)
06 Smallpeople “Meadows”
07 Zac Cimi “Jaguar Sun”
08 John Roberts “Hesitate”
09 Brandy “Ritual” (Atjazz Deep Order Re-Edit)
10 Marcelus “Utopia”
11 Stimming “Change”
12 No Regular Play “Serious Heat”
13 Ron Trent “Open Road”

Mixed By Osunlade @ The House Of Mila, Berlin

Below...Omar @ Strange Fruit Last Week

1 comment:

Marc Gabriel Amigone said...

God DAMN that mix is bangin! Exactly what I need to get shit DONE!