Wednesday, January 12, 2011

◥◥◥Nutritional Yeast—Super Supplement or Neurotoxin?

I have always questioned the benefits of Nutritional Yeast to give vegan food that "cheesy hearty flavor". "These additives, which are used as "flavor enhancers" or "sugar substitutes", include a host of aliases used by the food industry to disguise their true identity—MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)"....

A friend put me on to this article recently that helped me turn the other cheak.

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Apecksha said...

Okay, first off this joint just blew my mind because I use this stuff in almost everything. Second, how dare you stop me from enjoying my "fake" mac-n-cheese today. Third, thank you! Forth, I don't know what to do anymore. Guess I got to go raw for real now. :(

IV the Polymath said...

Would feel much less skeptical of this if the author didn't use his "facts" to promote something he stands to make money from.

Not saying it's false, but I never trust any literature that closes with an advertisement for a product of any sort.

That being said - thanks for posting this Underdog, because I do use nutritional yeast on popcorn & other foods. Something to further investigate for sure - I'm going to pick up Dr. Blaylock's book that was referenced & read for myself.

Also, this "Daystar Botanicals" guy only points the finger @ Red Star Yeast. I gotta do some research.

Thanks for posting.