Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spinderella - DJ, Salt-N-Pepa @ Amoeba Music||||||||||

Spinderella is a DJ, best known as a member of the groundbreaking Hip-Hop group, Salt-N-Pepa. The first all-female Hip-Hop group, Salt-N-Pepa broke boundaries both as women in Hip-Hop and as Hip-Hop artists crossing over into pop music.

Born Deidra Muriel Roper, Spinderella joined Salt-N-Pepa as their DJ at age 16. Salt-N-Pepa released their debut album, Hot, Cool & Vicious (London), in 1986. Its single "Push It" was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1989 and helped the album go platinum, a first for an all-female Hip-Hop group. Their second album, A Salt With a Deadly Pepa (London, 1988), would garner another Grammy nomination for "Shake Your Thang." On Blacks Magic (London, 1990), their third album, Spinderella took on producing and vocal parts, in addition to DJing. Blacks Magic featured "Let's Talk About Sex," which became one of their biggest pop hits and was re-recorded as "Let's Talk About AIDS" to bring attention to safe sex and AIDS.

Their fourth album, Very Necessary (London, 1993), featured a more sophisticated, mature Salt-N-Pepa. Spinderella once again produced tracks on the album and lent her vocals to the music. Very Necessary featured "Shoop," "Whatta Man" with En Vogue, and "None of Your Business," for which they became the first women in Hip-Hop to win a Grammy. The album also went multi-platinum, crossing another milestone for women in Hip-Hop. Their fifth album, Brand New (Mercury), was released in 1997 and would be their last album as a group. Salt-N-Pepa officially broke up in 2002.

Spinderella continues to DJ, as a radio host and at parites. She hosted a nationally syndicated radio program called The BackSpin and recently developed an online community also called The BackSpin.

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