Monday, January 31, 2011

This February: Timeless Screens in Brasil!! ◥◥◥◥

The Sounds of VTech / Timeless: Brasil Trailer

When VTech and Mochilla brought you Timeless in 2009, the point was to collapse musical borders and celebrate the work of composer arrangers. Arthur Verocai was one of the stars of the series. Now it is only fitting that the "Timeless" series will travel to Arthurs home country of Brasil.

J.Rocc, Coleman and B+ will be in Sao Paulo from February 9-11th screening at the Espaco Unibanco de Cinema and then on the 16-18th at the Unibanco Arteplex Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro. Each film will be screened individually and also J.Rocc will have a chance to do his special Timeless Serato Mega-Mix. There will be Q&As each night with special friends dropping by to contribute.

If you are in Brasil or know anyone there please be sure to pass on the information and as for this trailer…. You know, “Turn it Up!!”

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Olá bonita este site parece bem desenvolvido.........boa:)
Muito agradável Continua assim !