Tuesday, February 1, 2011

〓≡〓≡〓≡〓≡〓ALL ALKALINE EVERYTHING〓≡〓≡〓≡〓≡〓Heights Higher!!!

Alkaline Foods -

Acidic Foods


The chart ABOVE categorizes a food as either acidic or alkaline based on the effect consumption of the food has on urine pH. For example, if a food tends to increase the acidity of urine after it is ingested, it is classified as an acid forming food. Conversely, if a food increases the alkalinity of urine after it has been ingested, it was classified it as an alkaline forming food. The effect foods have on urine pH may be quite different than the pH of the foods themselves. For example, orange juice is a highly acidic food due to its high citrus acid content, but after being metabolized it will cause urine to become alkaline.

Food that is alkaline is essential for our body and should be consumed in abundance to keep the ph level of the body balanced. Seventy to eighty percent of our food intake should be in the form of alkaline food.

All this care in consuming foods that are alkaline leads to great benefits. The ph of the body controls and affects all the functions of the body. The brain which is the commander of the body cannot store fat cells so it gets all its energy directly from the blood that flows through it. With the ph dropping the brain finds it difficult to absorb energy from the blood cells. So having a diet comprising of over 80 % alkaline food is very beneficial to the proper functioning of the brain. Further the heart which is a vital organ of the body is also affected if the ph level of the body gets altered. With a higher acidic level the blood cells change their polarity from negative to positive and then stick to the negative vein walls causing clogged arteries. This serious problem leading to heart attacks can be overcome if food that is alkaline is eaten on a regular basis. Mineral absorption is optimal if such food forms over 80 % of ones diet. When the body ph is maintained all functions are carried out fully well and this ph level can only be maintained if the food eaten is alkalizing.

Serious cell degeneration can be controlled and the process of aging be slowed down if alkaline food is the major source of nutrition. These foods prevent the body from feeling fatigue and stress causing great vitality and vigor. Not only does one feel good from the inside but it translates into most of his outside activities too. A healthy person is much less prone to depression and illness than one who is fatigued and unhealthy.
Consuming alkaline food also helps to not only prevent but also cure many chronic diseases like arthritis etc.

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