Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Frequency of the Year 2011

Bless..I pray that this finds everyone doing well...I know that we usually provide a bit of info on the present year from a numerological standpoint, at the very top of the year. Time had a different design this time around, in all the best ways though, finding us at today. In numerology, its about the addition of numbers, so 2011 would be 2+0+1+1...which gives you a vibration of 4. The vibration is considered a temporary one because it is only with us for the year...I am sure that this year has been a lot smoother and peaceful for ones than the last without knowing what lies in the Ethers.

4 as a temporary vibration is about: Work, finances, building, and practicality. 4 brings the need to define and order things. At this time, we must measure, classify, record, regulate, and compose ourselves, our affairs, and environments. Attend to everyday earthly matters and handle them through our own efforts and actions. Material wealth will be gained through honest work, as this is a productive period in which the creative drive can be controlled and directed. For men, this frequency can indicate virility and fatherhood.

Monitoring daily activities will allow material rewards to flow. Money and Finance are very much a part of this cycle, so keep honest and practical vibes around your money. Set up a budget and pay debts on all levels: material, physical, spiritual, verbal, and mental. This is the ideal time to save for a new home, excursion, or project that needs completing.

Surveying land, planning, and building a new home, refurbishing or reconstructing an existing one are very likely pursuits under a 4 vibration. It implies the door of opportunity through which we can pass into a new way of living, being.

Since, 4 also rules the physical aspects of living, sensual pleasures are available now and beautiful exchanges w/ that special someone are so possible. The crux of this vibration is responsibility, work, and accomplishment. It is time to make solid foundations (financial, physical, mental) for your life. Business and personal relationships can grow, and lasting ties of friendship may be developed now. Financially, you will earn in direct proportion to your output. Exercise and take care of your body, your physical home. When 4 is centered on the material plane, its energies manifest as creative abilities. When these energies are spiritually centered, we can reach our heights in any endeavor that we choose to embark on.

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