Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spoek Mathambo & Saul Williams Video Exclusives▼▼▼

Proper respect to friends keeping me in the loop with creative visuals:


'Control', the fourth single from
Spoek Mathambo's debut album Mshini Wam

Saul Williams▼▼▼Explain My Heart


Anonymous said...

The song doesn’t light me up as much as I’d like it to, but the Control video is spectacular. Incredible to see such great imagery done so (I assume) cheaply. There’s some real visual imagination on display there – and the winged-angel statues in the cemetary in the background are a pure reference to Joy Division’s cover photo for their ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ single. There’s anoother reference to that cover in Nightmares on Wax’s video for ‘Les Nuits’. All very clever stuff indeed.
Reminds me in some ways of this:
by SubMAchena, which the rumours say cost no more than the bus ticket for the cameraman. Different artistic vision entirely, but with the same sense of making something with visual impact, despite not having explosions or even colour.

Kita said...

wow. love the visuals. didn't expect to find it here but u all are so unpredictable that's why I check. great content always.