Monday, March 14, 2011

Everyday All Day▲▲▲▲Moa Anbessa

Dave, pictured above, took this on Catholic University's campus as they were demolishing a building. Dave thought it was dope how the Lion (the tribe of Judah/Ethiopia) was standing tall in the midst of the destruction on Catholics (modern babylon/Rome) campus with the cathedral in the background. On the wall around the corner from the Lion is the word "Kitchen." And you know what they say "If you can't stand the heat..." Well, apparently the Lion could.

Dave thought this photo was supremely fitting and a confirmation in a sense because the name of our bike collective (named the day before this photo was taken) is "The Moa Anbessa Track Bike Riders." Moa Anbessa means "The Conquering Lion." We chose that name because we are "Lions riding tuff in the concrete jungle."
Se'lah ! ! !

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