Friday, April 1, 2011

jesse boykins iii/dr. woo/prototype 3010

Jesse Boykins III | Prototype 3010, a short film from LightUp Film on Vimeo.

Jesse Boykins lll is a standout in a conglomerate of young NYCers doin the jazzy rnb thing. all labeling aside, he has a beautiful voice and he's good at singing beautiful songs-that he pinned and arranged himself- about love. I love this film; a callob between Dr. Woo & brotha Boykins featuring MeLo-X. more film, show footage and concepts here: Check for Dr. Woo here: and MeLo-X here:


Underdog the DJ said...

beautiful post...miss the romance in music...bring back the love!

WaxTransparent said... tension in this...all love. niceness.

Kita said...

never heard of him but he is super talented. hope is music gets recieved proper!