Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newness::: Spaven's 5ive - Maz Feat. Jose James ▲ △▽▽

Maybe you’ve never heard the name Richard Spaven before, but chances are big you’ve heard the man play, maybe even live. He’s been a household drummer for so many artists: Mark de Clive-Lowe, José James, The Cinematic Orchestra, GURU, 4hero, … the list goes on. But now that the good cats at Jazz Re:freshed have kickstarted a new series of mini-albums called 5ive’s, it’s time for Richard to step out of the shadow and deliver his first proper release. He is accompanied by a few great guests though: José James and Dj DooWop on vocals, Brotherly’s Robin Mullarkey on bass, Flowrider’s Vincent Helbers on keys, and many more.

The result is amazing. The drumming of course is fingerlicking good, but the intricate jazz arrangements, quirky time signatures and modern electronic production are top notch as well. Give these 6 tracks a few spins and you’ll be hooked. From the hypnotizing Rockers Round Window to the enchanting ballad Maz and the headnodding jazzhop of Zeebra III. The mysterious and slightly discomforting Network could have been on Two Pages, or a Domu album. And 1759 finally is the perfect closing track – mesmerizing and soothing. This is future jazz, people. Give this man a 5-album contract!

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